Beginners Spoken Word

This workshop aims to  provide participants with introductory tools to writing and showcasing their own spoken word poetry.  Participants will work with writing techniques of spoken word from inception to production of the piece; we will deal with learning how to edit, how to give and receive feedback, and how to prepare a piece for performance. 


Beginners Performance Technique and Style

This workshop is centred on guiding participants in developing their own performance style and learning new performance techniques.  Together, we will  work to hone performance ability and practice tools to better connect with one's audience. We will use performance exercises to become comfortable with playfulness and confidence while on stage.


Trauma, Healing, and Spoken Word

This workshop aims to address social justice, personal experience, and self-asserted narratives to foster a space of of belonging and compassion. In this workshop, we will speak to participants' writing that documents their own lived experience. We will also engage in writing exercises, movements, and body expressions to create an environment of healing and artistic community. Participants are encouraged to bring their own writing and clothes for movement.  



Individual Spoken Word Lessons

Contact Raissa directly at to book your personalized lesson in writing and performing spoken word poetry.