Raïssa Simone's teaching philosophy involves fostering a sense of confidence, self-affirmation, and technical skill in her participants. Her approach to guiding workshops is informed by her academic experience;  she uses her background as a graduate teaching assistant at both Queen's University and Concordia University to create an environment of mutual respect and communal sharing. If you have questions about how to book for your school or workplace, feel free to email her at simone.raiss@gmail.com.

  • Craft and Technique:   I aim to host workshops that challenge participants to consider honing their writing and performance ability.  

  • Sincerity and Growth:   Through encouraging sincerity, I work to give new poets and performers the freedom to articulate their personal narratives and individual histories.

  • Spontaneity:   Spontaneity is the backbone of creativity. My workshops center the ability to be surprised by one's own words and natural intuition.