Raïssa Simone is a multi-disciplinary performer based in Montreal, Quebec. While with the Kingston, Ontario slam poetry team, Raïssa finished fourth at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in 2011. Soonafter, she finished fourth at the Toronto International Poetry Slam. She has performed at numerous venues and festivals, including the Modern Fuel Vapours Series, Hillside Festival, and When Sisters Speak. Raïssa also co-directed Slam Kingston, Kingston, Ontario's first poetry slam, alongside fellow poet, Winona Linn. 

In 2013, Raïssa Simone founded the series POCTALK, an open mic for racialized individuals, described in the Queen's Journal as "the perfect environment for closing the space between storyteller and listener." As a project for the completion of her Master's degree, Raïssa coordinated a poetry showcase featuring racialized women. Her academic work, as she moved on to pursuing her PhD in 2014, is often informed by what she is producing artistically. In her performances and workshops, Raïssa Simone compels those around her to reflect upon healing, memory, and personal identity. 

Raïssa's performances have expanded into countless mediums; working as a spoken word poet, musician, and performance artist, her work has narrowed the gaps between genres. 

Raïssa Simone has remained active in local social justices causes throughout her career, recently creating Speaking In Colour, an artistic showcase featuring Black participants, alongside co-founder Jared Roboz and featured on CBC Radio's Homerun in May 2018.  

Currently,  Raïssa is working on a collaborative music project called 'Ur Monster' with Alex Tkachuk, working as a part of the Throw Montreal slam poetry collective, producing an upcoming poetry collection, and writing content for a prospective album.